Born in the Swedish countryside, Andréas moved to Stockholm in his late teens to work as a fashion photographer’s assistant. After four rewarding years in studios and darkrooms, he resettled to the East European city of Prague. Here he enrolled in the renowned national film and photography school FAMU, studying filmmaking and documentary photography.

In 2001, after living in Prague and time spent in South America and around Europe, he started his cinematography studies at the Swedish national film school (Dramatiska Institutet) in Stockholm where he graduated in 2004. On set, Andréas is appreciated for his calm ways, paying great attention to the talents feeling comfortable and safe. His cinematography is intimate with great presence and he holds a special care for the simplicity and beauty of the natural light. His skills in handheld camera work is highly appreciated.

Andréas is a father of two, living in Stockholm and has shot in a variety of European countries, the Latin America, the US and the Middle East. His mother tongue is Swedish and he is fluent in English, speaks Argentinian Spanish, some German and a little bit of Czech.