Andréas Lennartsson

Born in the Swedish countryside, Andréas moved to Stockholm in his late teens to work as a fashion photographer’s assistant. After four rewarding years in studios and darkrooms, he resettled to the East European city of Prague. Here he enrolled in the renowned national film and photography school FAMU, studying filmmaking and documentary photography.

In 2001, after living in Prague and time spent in South America and around Europe, he started his cinematography studies at the Swedish national film school (Dramatiska Institutet) in Stockholm where he graduated in 2004. On set, Andréas is appreciated for his calm ways, paying great attention to the talents feeling comfortable and safe. His cinematography is intimate with great presence and he holds a special care for the simplicity and beauty of the natural light. His skills in handheld camera work is highly appreciated.

Andréas is a father of two, living in Stockholm and has shot in a variety of European countries, the Latin America, the US and the Middle East. His mother tongue is Swedish and he is fluent in English, speaks Argentinian Spanish, some German and a little bit of Czech

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Director of photography



Below is a selection of productions I have shot or are currently working on

Snöänglar (Snow Angels)
tv-series/ drama/ 6x 60 min
dir: Anna Zackrisson/ prod: Georgie Mathew/ Yellowbird/ 2021

Cold Courage
tv-series/ drama/ 5x 45 min (8x 45)
dir: Agneta Fagerström Olson/ prod: P Pentti & M Flinck/ Luminoir/ 2020

Den Inre Cirkeln (The Inner Circle)
tv-series/ drama/ 5x 45 min (8x 45)
dir: Håkan Lindhé/ prod: Håkan Hammarén/ Fundament Film/ 2019

Wisting –studio parts only!
tv-series/ crime/ 5x 45 min (10x 45)
dir: Katarina Launing/ prod: Terez Hollo-Klausen/ Wisting Production AS/ 2019

Beck -Djävulens advokat (Beck -Devil’s Advocate)
feature/ drama/ crime/ 90 min
dir: Jörgen Bergmark/ prod: Tomas Michaelsson/ Filmlance Intl/ 2018

Beck -Utan uppsåt (Beck -Without Intent)
feature/ drama/ crime/ 90 min
dir: Jörgen Bergmark/ prod: Tomas Michaelsson/ Filmlance Intl/ 2018

The Acali Experiment –parts only!
documentary/ 90 min
dir: Marcus Lindeen/ prod: Erik Gandini/ Juan Libossart/ Fasad/ 2018

Innan Vi Dör (Before We Die)
tv-series/ crime/ 4x 60 min (10x 60)
dir: Kristian Petri, Kristina Humle/ prod: Nordenberg, Heinig/ B-Reel/ 2017

Det Mest Förbjudna (The Most Forbidden)
tv-series/ drama/ 3x 60 min
dir: Tova Magnusson/ prod: Christer Nilson/ GötaFilm/ 2016

The Paradise Suite –Dutch entry for the Oscars “Best Foreign Film”
feature/ drama/ 120 min
dir: Joost van Ginkel/ prod: Ellen Havenith/ PRPL/ 2015

Portkod 1525
tv-series/ drama/ 10x 15 min
dir: Linnea Roxeheim/ prod: Anna Wallmark/ Eyeworks/ 2014

Tjockare än vatten (Thicker Than Water)
tv-series/ drama/ 3x 60 min (10x 60 min)
dir: Molly Hartleb/ prod: Malte Forsell/ Nice Drama/ 2014

Kärlek DeLuxe (Love DeLuxe)
feature/ rom-com/ 90 min
dir: Kicki Kjellin/ prod: Anna Wallmark/ Fladen/ Eyeworks/ 2014

Maria Lang -Farliga drömmar (Crimes of Passion -Dangerous Dreams)
tv-feature/ crime/ 90 min
dir: Molly Hartleb/ prod: Renée Axö/ Pampas Produktion/ 2013

Fjällbackamorden -I betraktarens öga (The Fjällbacka Murders)
tv-feature/ crime/ 90 min
dir: Jörgen Bergmark/ prod: Pontus Sjöman/ Tre Vänner/ 2012

Hamilton -I nationens intresse (In the Interest Of the Nation)
second DoP/ feature/ action/ 90 min
dir: Kathrine Windfeldt/ prod: Jan Marnell/ Pampas/ 2012

Arne Dahl -Ont blod (Bad Blood)
tv-series/ crime/ 2x 90 min
dir: Mani Maserrat/ prod: Ulf Synnerholm/ Filmlance/ 2012

Sound of Silence
short/ drama/ 14 min
dir: Frida Kempff/ prod: Koakifilm/ 2012

Om vi klarar oss genom natten (If we make it through the night)
pilot/ drama/ 17 min
dir: Jonas Embring/ prod: Oskar Söderlund/ GötaFilm/ 2011

tv-series/ drama/ 8x 30 min
dir: Kicki Kjellin & Molly Hartleb/ prod: Annika Holmberg/ SVT Drama/ 2011

I taket lyser stjärnorna (Glowing Stars)
feature/ drama/ 90 min
dir: Lisa Siwe/ prod: Anders Landström/ Filmlance/ 2009

short/ drama/ 30 min
dir: Lotta Lättström/ prod: Olivier Guerpillon/ dfm fiction/ 2009

Ciao Bella
feature/ drama/ 90 min
dir: Mani Maserrat/ prod: Olle Wirenhed/ GötaFilm/ 2007




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